About Me


Welcome. I am Dawn Opel, J.D., Ph.D.  I joined the faculty of the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University in fall 2016, where I teach in the Professional Writing and Experience Architecture undergraduate programs. I’m also a WIDE researcher, and in January 2017, I will serve as a faculty fellow at the MSU/Sparrow Center for Innovation and Research.

This site contains information about my postdoctoral research in healthcare service delivery reform, evidence-based practice, and information technologies, as well as my current teaching in writing and technical communication, and other projects and programs in which I am involved.

I am a user experience researcher and a lawyer, and I am currently researching how to improve patients’ experiences in clinical settings. This research includes working with clinicians to improve communication practices, particularly those that are technologically-mediated, such as through electronic medical records (EMRs). I am also studying how the Affordable Care Act affects healthcare providers, administrators, and patients. Finally, I study the design and use of health and medical technologies, with particular emphasis on web development projects in health and medical contexts. From my perspective at the intersection of law, policy, and technology, I focus on social justice and ethical concerns as they relate to the user experience with health and medical technologies.

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